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Kelly McGrath

365 Day Happiness Challenge

12/31/2017 0 Comments

With the new year coming up, I have been feeling super motivated to make it one of the best yet.  I have many new series and topics I want to cover in the upcoming year, and this post is one of my favorites. The goal is to complete each of these 365 tasks before the end of 2018. Whether or not you go in order is completely up to you. I hope you can find some inspiration or motivation from this list too!

  1. Take a new fitness class
  2. Donate old clothes
  3. Buy yourself a planner for the year
  4. Clean your room from top to bottom
  5. Unfollow people on social media who no longer serve you
  6. Try a new food or dish
  7. Book a spa day for yourself
  8. Call someone you haven’t talked to for a while
  9. Try a new recipe
  10. Read a book
  11. Buy yourself flowers
  12. Go for a walk somewhere new
  13. Wake up early and watch a sunrise
  14. Have breakfast in bed
  15. Pay for someone’s meal or coffee in line
  16. Dress up for no reason
  17. Attend a concert of a new artist
  18. Carry your camera with you all day & take photos
  19. Plan a vacation
  20. Take yourself out to dinner
  21. Bake something for someone else
  22. Get yourself a manicure
  23. Write a new bucketlist
  24. Talk to someone new
  25. Get a haircut
  26. Start a retirement fund
  27. Donate to a new charity
  28. Make a new song playlist
  29. Smile at a stranger
  30. Go swimming
  31. Tell someone you love them
  32. Journal for 15 minutes
  33. Take your parents out to dinner
  34. Print out photos from your phone
  35. Rearrange your furniture
  36. Invest in a new piece of clothing
  37. Eat chocolate
  38. Go on a picnic
  39. Turn off your phone for the day
  40. Try a new hairstyle
  41. Unsubscribe from old email lists
  42. See a new movie
  43. Watch a sunset from the beach
  44. Go to a yoga class
  45. Binge watch a TV series
  46. Press flowers in a book
  47. Start a collection of found objects
  48. Paint a room in your house
  49. Drink one Liter of water in a day
  50. Wear your favorite lingerie for no reason
  51. Paint your toes
  52. Eat breakfast for dinner
  53. Play with a puppy
  54. Write positive affirmations
  55. Listen to your favorite childhood song(s)
  56. Watch home videos
  57. Take a day trip to your favorite place
  58. No added sugar for the day
  59. 10 minutes of yoga before bed
  60. Update your resume
  61. Buy a new piece of artwork
  62. Create a new recipe
  63. Write someone a letter and mail it to them
  64. Binge watch YouTube videos
  65. Give someone a long hug
  66. Volunteer at a nonprofit
  67. Go for a hike
  68. Plan a party
  69. Play an instrument
  70. Have a no electricity night
  71. Delete all of your social media apps for the day
  72. Write a book
  73. Organize your Pinterest boards
  74. Play music all day
  75. Listen to a new Podcast
  76. Go to bed early, like suuuuper early
  77. Keep all three meals of the day phone free
  78. Clean out your emails
  79. Write down 3 highlights from your day
  80. Workout outside
  81. Go vegan for a day
  82. Clean your bathroom
  83. Clean your pantry & donate food
  84. Pick up trash at a local park
  85. Plant a tree
  86. Go see one of your favorite performers live
  87. Paint or draw
  88. Make yourself an inspiration board
  89. Stay up all night with friends
  90. Take a day trip to somewhere new
  91. Take a class on a topic that interests you
  92. Go ice skating
  93. Leave your favorite book somewhere with a note for whoever finds it
  94. Write a letter to a soldier overseas
  95. Leave coupons you don’t need for the person behind you
  96. Movie marathon for a day
  97. Have a long conversation with your parents
  98. Go paddle-boarding
  99. Play a board game instead of watching TV
  100. Have a yard sale
  101. Take a long nap
  102. Drizzle chocolate on your popcorn (trust me)
  103. Buy plants for your house or office
  104. Eat some ice cream
  105. Order your favorite takeout
  106. Dog sit for a friend
  107. Get your eyebrows done
  108. Buy your produce from a farm stand
  109. Practice a new language
  110. Go for a long run
  111. Take a dance class
  112. Discover a new blog
  113. Review a restaurant
  114. Buy something you wouldn’t normally wear
  115. Do something nice for your neighbor
  116. Make yourself new business cards
  117. Apply for a new job
  118. Join a fantasy football league
  119. Take a friend out for lunch
  120. Go antique shopping
  121. Discover a new tv show
  122. Buy something new for your bedroom
  123. Visit a beach
  124. Buy yourself a fuzzy blanket
  125. Sign up for a fundraiser
  126. Clean the house for your partner or roommate
  127. Send someone flowers for no reason
  128. Bake cookies for your police/firemen
  129. Support a local business
  130. Start your own YouTube channel
  131. Write your mailman a thank you letter
  132. Go camping
  133. Buy a fitness tracker and track your steps
  134. Start your own blog
  135. Listen to your favorite album all the way through
  136. Have a snowball fight
  137. Taco Tuesday
  138. Drink a smoothie for breakfast
  139. Subscribe to a new magazine
  140. Drink water with lemon in the morning
  141. Organize your kitchen
  142. Buy yourself a new cookbook
  143. Celebrate your half birthday
  144. Make a budget for the month
  145. Try a recipe you’ve been dying to make
  146. Join an adult sports league
  147. Pick out your Halloween costume
  148. Learn a new instrument
  149. Bring a home made lunch to work
  150. Create a Tumblr account
  151. Spend a day with your siblings
  152. Eat in every day for a week
  153. Reread your favorite book again
  154. Go to a free event in your area
  155. Make a to-do list and finish everything on it in one day
  156. Learn all the lyrics to a new song
  157. Swing on a swing at the playground
  158. Make snow angels
  159. Mix up your makeup routine
  160. Practice a new yoga pose
  161. Listen to music on a record player
  162. Leave the TV off for a day
  163. Give out hugs at work
  164. Make a friend a new playlist of your favorite songs
  165. Eat s’mores over a fire
  166. Go skinny dipping
  167. Invest in new skincare products
  168. Make a photo album
  169. Make your own coffee in the morning
  170. Re-organize your closet
  171. Buy yourself a new pair of sneakers
  172. Learn a new computer skill
  173. Try a YouTube workout at home
  174. Re-kindle an old friendship
  175. Buy yourself a Christmas present
  176. Play in the rain
  177. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  178. Hold the door
  179. Park your car further away from the door
  180. Take a ton of selfies just because you can
  181. Start a collection of your favorite quotes
  182. Try a DIY project
  183. Ask someone out on a date
  184. Plan your outfits for the week ahead of time
  185. Go makeup free for a day
  186. Re-purpose an old piece of furniture
  187. Meditate first thing in the morning
  188. Clean out your purse
  189. Deep condition your hair
  190. Buy yourself a matching pajama set
  191. Learn a new word in the dictionary
  192. Get rid of any negative relationships
  193. Wear a pretty dress
  194. Diffuse essential oils
  195. Throw out old or expired makeup
  196. Light a candle in your bedroom so it smells nice when its time for bed
  197. Say no
  198. Spend 15 minutes in the sunshine
  199. Play with a baby
  200. Plant an herb garden in your kitchen
  201. Visit an art gallery
  202. Go to a farmers market
  203. Read your horoscope
  204. Go for a bike ride
  205. Cook Sunday brunch for your partner or friends
  206. Take a personal day and do something you’ve been wanting to
  207. Donate blood
  208. Bake chocolate chip cookies
  209. Read a new self help book
  210. Write down your long term goals
  211. Start a swear jar and add $1 every time you swear
  212. Watch a TED talk online
  213. Trade in your spare change for cash
  214. Leave your waiter a big tip
  215. Take a Polaroid photograph
  216. Eat fruit for breakfast
  217. Take a pilates class
  218. Check out a book from the library
  219. Put your favorite photos into frames
  220. Practice meatless Monday’s
  221. Meal prep for the week
  222. Write a poem
  223. Say 3 affirmations to yourself in the mirror
  224. Plan a surprise party for a friend
  225. Tell the truth, no lies
  226. Go out with your friends when they invite you
  227. Stay in when you need time to yourself
  228. Take pictures of your favorite outfits
  229. Save a little every week for a vacation fund
  230. Clean your jewelry
  231. Say thank you more often
  232. Practice better work/life balance
  233. Dance to music alone
  234. Try a barre class
  235. Put your phone away when with other people
  236. Learn something new and teach a friend about it
  237. Send everyone birthday cards instead of a text message
  238. Go for a walk away from your desk every hour at work
  239. Ask for a raise when you deserve one
  240. Practice forgiveness
  241. Wear a funky hat
  242. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself
  243. Make your bed every morning
  244. Give yourself a fake tan
  245. Workout in the morning
  246. Practice positive body language
  247. Eat vegetables with every meal
  248. Let your hair air dry
  249. Buy yourself a new bed set
  250. Wear fuzzy socks
  251. Go on a Sunday drive
  252. Don’t use your phone in bed
  253. Spend time outside every day
  254. Use a bath bomb
  255. Star gaze
  256. Write down what you like about yourself
  257. Shut off your lights and light a candle instead
  258. Make cupcakes for your coworkers
  259. Delete messages from people you no longer talk to
  260. Try a kick boxing class
  261. Pick yourself flowers
  262. Go for a boat ride
  263. Wear your coziest sweater
  264. Bake yourself a cake
  265. Create a capsule wardrobe
  266. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruit
  267. Take deeper breaths
  268. Do something that scares you
  269. Skip the bread with dinner
  270. Go for a run around the block
  271. Start your day with a happy quote
  272. Replace soda with water
  273. Take out the trash instead of letting it pile up
  274. Forget about the news
  275. Limit your alcohol intake
  276. Ask for help when you need it
  277. Floss your teeth
  278. Track your sleep, make sure you’re getting a full 8 hours
  279. Smile for no reason
  280. Get a massage
  281. Push yourself harder than before
  282. Know your worth & stand up for yourself
  283. Call instead of text
  284. Make your own juice
  285. Drop a bad habit
  286. Apologize when you’re wrong
  287. Curl your hair
  288. Go to a carnival or festival
  289. Cheer people on
  290. Stop worrying so much about food/weight/body image
  291. Spend an afternoon gardening
  292. Send a postcard
  293. Sit and people watch
  294. Have sex
  295. Exfoliate your skin
  296. Run through the sprinkler
  297. Ask the hard questions
  298. Braid your hair
  299. Relax in a hammok
  300. Practice sign language
  301. Help neighbors with yard work or chores
  302. Correct your posture
  303. Take a bubble bath
  304. Sing karaoke with friends
  305. Make yourself a smoothie for breakfast
  306. Pay attention to your feelings, don’t push them away
  307. Spend time in nature
  308. Do something that you want to do, not obligated to do
  309. Spend some time alone, get to know yourself again
  310. Drink one Liter of water at breakfast time
  311. Edit your favorite photos
  312. Go sledding
  313. Eat greens at every meal
  314. Make your own popsicles
  315. Paint with water colors
  316. Make a playlist on Spotify
  317. Go on a walking tour
  318. Wash your car at home
  319. Build a fort in your living room
  320. Tie-Dye a t-shirt with friends
  321. Have a bonfire
  322. Arrange flowers for your table
  323. Go fishing
  324. Book a long weekend to a new city
  325. Upcyle old jeans into shorts
  326. Make your own pizza
  327. Go camping in your own backyard
  328. Make a list of things you do well
  329. Swap TV for family time
  330. Walk 10,000 steps in one day
  331. Contact someone in need
  332. Clean out your handbag/wallet
  333. Track all of your purchases
  334. Don’t spend money for 24 hours
  335. Get something you never wear altered
  336. Visit a rooftop bar
  337. Clean and shine your shoes
  338. Swap clothes with one of your friends
  339. Babysit for a friend
  340. Buy a book you’ve been dying to read
  341. Freeze your favorite fruit and use them as ice cubes
  342. Talk to a coworker you’ve never talked to before
  343. Flip through old year books
  344. Watch the clouds
  345. Buy a new phone case
  346. Bring your coworkers donuts for breakfast
  347. Walk barefoot on the beach
  348. Make homemade ice cream
  349. Send your parents flowers
  350. Hang out in a hot tub
  351. Go kayaking
  352. Make a book of your favorite quotes
  353. Visit your old school
  354. Go for a drive with no destination
  355. Leave a happy note in a book at the library for someone to find
  356. Spend one day saying only positive things to people
  357. Buy food from a food truck
  358. Make a Youtube video
  359. Support local businesses
  360. Write a thank you card just because
  361. Promote a cause you believe in
  362. Finish a puzzle
  363. Color in a coloring book
  364. Share something you are proud of
  365. Be thankful for another year on earth



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