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Kelly McGrath

5 Interior Design Trends You’ll See In 2017 (And How To Use Them)

01/24/2017 0 Comments

Now that the holidays are over, more and more of my clients are looking to spruce up their homes in 2017. As with any field, interior design is always changing; embracing an abundance of new trends and letting go of many more as the years go on. This ebb and flow makes my job all the more fun and interesting, but can sometimes leave homeowners a little overwhelmed. So in an effort to spread the love, I’ve put together 5 of the biggest and most popular trends that you will be seeing in 2017, along with a few suggestions of how to incorporate them into your own spaces!

Mix of Warm & Cool

In a world of neutrals, whites grays reigns supreme. These colors have been the go-to for those looking to create a cohesive and modern look in their homes. Only problem? Clients often say it feels cold or stark, and so we’re seeing a greater mix of warm and cool colors and materials in an effort to offset it. Using this technique is a stylish and easy way to bring your space that added warmth you are searching for.

Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Space:

1. White Walls, Dark Trim

Natural wood is making a come back this year! Instead of painting your woodwork white, try to embrace it’s natural stain and leave the white for the walls. Embracing darker trim allows you to achieve that light and bright look without leaving your room feeling cold.

image via Prospect Refuge Studio

2. Gold & Brass

Gold and brass hardware were big in the back half of 2016 and show no signs of slowing down. Particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, mixing whites and grays with warm hardware creates a unique juxtaposition that is both stylish and fun. You will also see these classic finishes making a splash in lighting and accessories.

image source 

3. Natural woods and finishes

As I said in the first example, natural woods are big this year. Rustic or worn finishes are popping up within more modern and streamlined spaces to serve as the rooms focal point. A beautiful piece of wood brings character to any room, but the most notable use in 2017 is in flooring. Wider planks and natural finishes are being paired with slightly more monochromatic designs and help to ground the space.

image via One Kind Design

Moroccan Inspiration

One of the more distinguishable styles, Moroccan interior design serves as a reflection of the diverse country it originates from. Filled with intricate patterns and rich colors, it offers a fresh and unique perspective that will set any room or home apart.

Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Space:

1. Get Yourself a Pouf

The pouf has been the easiest way for homeowners and apartment renters to embrace this influx of Moroccan style. These leather ottomans come in dozens of colors and double as extra seating, great for those living in smaller spaces.

image via Pinterest

2. Bold, Rich Blues

Indigo is going to be big in 2017. This color is everywhere; from furniture and textiles to artwork and wall colors, indigo has essentially become an honorary neutral. Try incorporating it into your home in doses, as a little goes a long way. Accent walls, bedding, pillows, and artwork are a great way to pull this color into your home.

image source

3. Lively Patterns

Wallpaper is back and I strongly believe that it is better than ever. We are seeing a complete and total embrace of bold, fun and lively patterns, particularly in powder rooms. Another great way to mix in some prints and patterns is through accent pillows, rugs, and on the walls with some fun graphic artwork.

image via Megan Bachmann Interiors

Mid-Century Influences

Mid-Century Modern design began it’s resurgence last year and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From it’s sleek and simplistic design to it’s petite scale, the revitalization of Mid-Century style and design lends itself perfectly to apartment style living. Look for natural wood finishes, clean and simple lines and rich, bold colors.

Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Space:

1. Furniture

You can find Mid-Century influences just about everywhere that sells furniture these days. These pieces are iconic in their simplicity and shapes and give a punch of personality to any room. One great Mid-Century find can serve as the centerpiece of the whole space, as seen in this dining room.

image via IKEA

2. Colorful & Fun Artwork

The colors of Mid-Century Modern design are as timeless as they are bold. Similarly to the embrace of warm & cool design, a colorful and fun piece of art can take any room to the next level. In a sea of white, gray or beige, paintings like these really pop off the wall.

image source

3. Bold Pops of Color

Accent walls are one of the easiest ways to incorporate and embrace color in your home. A tip I always tell my clients is to pick a wall that serves as the bridge between two spaces (as seen in this photo) or one that serves as a focal point in the room, i.e. fireplace wall or the wall behind a bed.

image via Casa Vogue

Mix of Textures

We’re talking on the walls, on the floors, on the furniture & fabrics. It’s all about surrounding yourself with a mix of fun and interesting textures in 2017. You can expect to see it in the form of grass cloths, velvet, natural stone and a surge of recycled materials; a trend that started in 2016 and is only gaining speed.

Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Space

1. On The Walls

Grass cloth is one of the easiest ways to incorporate texture into your home. With so many styles, weaves, colors, and even patterns (!) grass cloth is certainly not what it used to be. Just like I tell my clients, grass cloth is a natural material and does fade with heavy sun, and is not ideal for walls that may get nicked or scratched by kids or pets.

image via Home Bunch

2. Plush Velvet

We’ve already seen it being embraced with open arms in the fashion world and interior design is no exception; velvet is IN for 2017. Velvet brings an added layer of comfort to any space, both to the touch and to the eye. Try it on a pillow or arm chair if the idea of a velvet sofa is a bit too intimidating for you.

image via West Elm

3. Out of the Box Back-splash

While subway tile will always be a mainstay in the world of kitchen back splashes, we have seen an influx in textural and out of the box tiles. Designs like this basket weave offer some fun and interest in an otherwise monochromatic kitchen. Notice the gold hardware as well?

image source

4. Accessories

Mixing and matching accessories is the easiest way to add visual texture to any room. Tweedy rugs, chunky knit throws, faux animal skin pillows and a touch of greenery all work together to create this relaxed vibe in this living room.

image source


Pantone has deemed “Greenery” the 2017 color of the year, but expect to see just about every shade of green incorporated into the world of interior design in 2017. From fresh Kelley greens to deep emerald tones, this color is popping up on fabrics, wall coverings, and cabinetry. When you think green you think fresh, happy, reinvigorating and energy. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their home?

Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Space:

1. Walls

While Greenery is the color of the year, shades of emerald and deep blue greens are being used to create drama on the walls. If you are worried about a dark color making your space feel cave-like, try painting the trim to match. With less contrast between the walls and trim, it gives the allusion of a bigger space!

image source

2. Cabinets

Have a set of dated and tired looking cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom? Bring them back to life with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color like this Kelley green shade. Bathrooms are an opportunity to be bold and have fun.

image via Domino.com

3. Greenery, Artwork & Accessories

If committing to a bold green paint color is a bit too intimidating for you, consider adding a splash of green with artwork and plants, as seen here in this loft style apartment.

Image via T.D.C.

4. Textiles

Back with the velvet sofa again, this time with everyone’s favorite color of the year. Pops of green in furniture and pillows breathe life into any room, especially against a sea of neutral tones and white walls like this one here.

Image via The Decorista

xx Kelly


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      Hi! It was through a company called “Fragments” but the website is no longer available, the designer is Rebecca Hawkins of Rebecca Hawkins interiors if you wish to contact her directly to inquire further!

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    Could you give me the info for wallpaper in your point #3 ? Thank you and appreciate any help you can give me.

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