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Kelly McGrath

Honest Review: Does Adidas by Stella McCartney Live Up To The Hype?

04/26/2017 0 Comments

*This post was sponsored by my friends at adidas, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

For a long time I have been admiring the adidas by Stella McCartney products from afar, ogling over her use of bold patterns, fun prints, and all together stylish take on women’s athletic wear. Adidas has certainly slid into position as the front runner of women’s athletic apparel over the past few years, and their partnership with the world-famous British designer certainly plays a roll in their recent success. Adidas was kind enough to sponsor this post and let me try a few of their new products in exchange for an honest and candid review, and for that I am incredibly grateful!

The collaboration between these two brands first began in 2005. Having been highly immersed in the world of fashion from an early age, Stella McCartney’s clothing designs are notably fun and feminine but maintain the principled and serious angle she has become known and loved for. At the time of the collaboration, McCartney felt that there was a gap in women’s sport clothing that she could fill. Her goal was to create clothes that women could comfortably workout in and still feel good about the way they look, which she achieved by using high performance products and paying close attention to detail by way of the fabrics, colors, and shapes she used. Twelve years later and McCartney has not veered from her initial dream to create clothes that do not sacrifice style for your sport.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review

Her collection spans a wide array of disciplines which include yoga, running, training, cycling, winter sports, tennis, swim and surf.  I run, train, and practice yoga, so I needed my selections to do double or triple duty. The Ultimate Long Tights (currently on sale!) feature a technology called climalite®, which works to effectively wick sweat away from the skin. I ventured away from my typical color choice of black or navy this time and went with this green colorway, which I am incredibly pleased with. They have a unique snake skin panel detail on the thigh, and fit like a glove. There is an inner waste pocket that is perfect for keys or phones, and the bonded elastic fits nice and snug around the waist. My only complaint is that there are so many panels and stitching on the legs of these pants I had to be careful not to tug them on too hard because I feared they might rip, other than that they are extremely comfortable and unique.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review

I partnered the leggings with this Essentials Mesh Tank Top, a fun and feminine take on a training basic. For those with a shorter torso like myself it may be a little long, but the tank does drape beautifully. I washed this before wearing and it did shrink but that actually made it fit better on my body. This is a piece I can see myself wearing outside of the gym with a pair of jeans and some sneakers for a cool and comfortable athlesiure look. I love the thicker stitched collar and the full coverage at the back, as well as the fact that it is made with super soft and breathable organic cotton. The cotton material along with the mesh panel at the bottom make this is an incredibly breathable and comfortable top.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review

One thing I learned when looking into the Stella McCartney brand is that they incorporate many echo-friendly practices in their production process. All of her pieces for adidas are a part of their sustainable product program, which encourages the use of sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled yarn, and uses innovations like DryDye technology which requires no water to dye fabrics. It’s a small detail, but knowing that my clothes and the brand behind them are echo-friendly is important to me and I am sure it would be to others as well.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review

I really love the way these two pieces look together. The green is such a unique and fresh shade and the whites pop off of it really nicely. I would argue that my absolute favorite part about this new outfit would have to be the shoes—I happen to be quite sneaker crazed! These Ultraboost’s are the equivalent to walking on a cloud, or what imagine that must feel like. They slide on similarly to a sock with a stretchy knit upper and do not have a separate tongue (one of my favorite features). The molded cage around the outside of the shoe provides additional support at the arch and heel of the foot, while the sole is made with the famous boost™ technology the brand has become famous for.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review

Adidas by Stella McCartney Review – Ultraboost X Clima Shoes

White may have been a risky choice but it is my favorite color on a sneaker, especially in the warmer months. Running in these shoes was great; I didn’t have to go through the painful “breaking in” period that some shoes require, but they do lack the ankle support some other sneakers and training shoes can provide. They are first and foremost a running shoe, and I did notice the lack of ankle support when I used them for HIIT and any circuit training that required lateral movement and/or stops and starts. If you are looking for training and cross training shoes and are someone who needs that additional support to avoid any ankle rolls, or have a flatter foot, then these Ultraboost’s might not be the best choice for you. They are an investment, but for those out there who enjoy a good run like me they might be worth the splurge.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with my pieces from this collection. Each piece feels quality crafted, comfortable, and certainly lives up to McCartney’s goal of making women feel confident in their athletic wear. In terms of color, style and cut, her pieces feel unique when compared to other product out there; there are lots of brands making women’s athletic clothes that feel sort of repetitive or unoriginal, but she has created a collection that seems to break away from that while still feeling relevant and on trend. Pricing is a bit higher for her line, but the construction and materials feel like they have the longevity to make it worth it.

adidas has kindly extended an extra 15% off of your next purchase by following the link here!

xx Kelly

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