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Kelly McGrath

Blue Lagoon Do’s & Don’ts

10/26/2017 0 Comments

When traveling to Iceland, a pit stop at the famous Blue Lagoon is almost always a guarantee. Whether you are in Iceland for a week long excursion or just a few hours on a stop over, this tourist destination is the perfect place to unwind, grab a drink, and take in the incredible geothermal pools and hot spots. On my recent stop over we made this magical hot tub the first stop of the day, and here is my list of all the things you should know before your visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Purchase your ticket ahead of time, as it gets busy very quickly! We booked the comfort package (free drink at swim up bar/free algae facial, use of towel) and were one of the first groups to arrive to the lagoon, which meant no crowds and provided the best opportunity for photos. By the time we left at 9am, the lagoon was packed, so the earlier the better!

If you have a quick drying towel, bring it. Most of the lagoon’s packages include the use of a towel, but they get wet very quickly. You have to shower before you enter the lagoon and again before you leave, which means one soggy towel by the end of your time here.

Many people shower and change naked in the changing rooms, so be prepared to see a few naked bodies! There are individual shower stalls in the changing rooms, for those who want a bit more privacy.

The Lagoon suggests you rinse your body with a specially designed body wash before entering the water, and provides plenty of conditioner to soak your hair in before you take a dip. The silica in the water will dry your hair out, so the staff recommend you lay it on thick before and after.

All of the lockers inside the changing room are opened and locked using an electronic wrist band system. All of the staff is super helpful and are more than happy to answer any questions or help you with any issues. The lockers do seem to get stuck a lot, so do not feel bad asking for help if you get locked out by accident.

If you do plan on taking pictures, I will warn you that you will be walking around without shoes or clothes on in the 50° or cooler weather; they do not let you go into the Lagoon area with shoes or clothes on!

Bring a waterproof camera or a GoPro so you don’t ruin or by accidentally drop your phone (though I did see a few brave souls walking around without a case on their phones). They sell waterproof pouches at the bar for your phone if you need one.

Bring shower shoes if you don’t feel comfortable walking around barefoot in the changing rooms. Outside there are no shoes allowed in the Lagoon and it gets slippery out there, so be sure to walk slowly. Also remember to walk around when in the water too -there are hot spots throughout!

Do try the silica mask, but avoid the eye area! Even if you don’t put it directly around your eyes, it can get there when you go to wash it off in the water or if you touch your face. If your face starts to burn from the Silica mask, there is a fountain with fresh water beneath the bridge to the right of the facial station you can use to rinse with. Another great mask offered in the lagoon is the Algae mask, which is much and more soothing and comes as a part of the Comfort Package (the one we bought).

Be prepared that the area around the swim up bar up to the edge of the lagoon where the trash cans are has a “seat” or shelf cut out of the silica for people to sit on, but no signs pointing it out. I smashed my knee caps into it walking to throw out my drink so be aware!

Spend at least two hours there to really get the entire experience. Between checking in, changing and showering, it can easily be an hour before you’re even in the lagoon! There is also a cafe if you want to stay for lunch, and is ideal for those travelers with a shorter stop over and don’t have time to see the city. Which leads me to my next point…

Reykjavik is just over an hour from the Lagoon by bus, so you have to be strategic when making your stop over plans!

Before you leave, check out the other geothermal pools at the front of the building. There is a walk way to the left of the entrance that brings you to a few different pathways you can check out.

The Lagoon does have running transportation to and from airport or into the city that leaves every hour or so. When you book your ticket to the Lagoon online, a bus pass is usually included. Before you exit the airport you can grab your ticket that is good for a ride to the Lagoon, and a return ticket that goes back to the airport or into the city. It is important to mention that if you are traveling into the city you will need to find an alternative ride back to the airport!

You are forced to walk through the gift shop before exiting the lagoon, which is filled with clothes, trinkets, and blue lagoon skincare that is far too expensive for my budget, but it is worth poking around in. The displays for the skincare products are really neat and there are plenty of smaller sample sizes if you’re not looking to splurge on anything!

xx Kelly

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