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Kelly McGrath

Quick and Easy Summer Snack: Savory Watermelon & Feta Plate

08/08/2017 0 Comments

There are few things that make me feel like summer is in full swing quite like a slice of watermelon. It’s fresh, it’s light, its inexpensive, and oh so delicious. On my trip to Toronto we stopped at a harbor side restaurant for lunch and ordered a watermelon and feta plate to share, and let me tell you—it literally changed my life. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if watermelon with salt, pepper, and olive oil would be that appetizing, but when mixed with fresh grape tomatoes, feta cheese and basil this combination was an absolute knock out that I knew I had to recreate when I got home!

Quick and Easy Summer Snack: Watermelon & Feta Plate

Savory Watermelon & Feta Plate

  • Servings: 6-8
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2 Packages of Pre-sliced Watermelon (or a whole watermelon if serving a larger group!)

Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Feta Cheese

1 Cup Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

Salt & Pepper

Optional- Basil


  1. Slice watermelon into triangles or bite size pieces and lay them out on the plate. I like to layer mine for presentation but it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  2. Slice cherry tomatoes, basil, and break feta cheese up into pieces. Sprinkle all three ingredients over the top of the watermelon and onto the plate. I like to leave some bigger chunks of cheese as well.
  3. Quickly drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the plate, being sure to coat everything evenly but not so much that the watermelon gets soggy. Top with salt and pepper and you’re done!

I bought pre-sliced watermelon at the grocery store because I was only meal prepping for myself, but this would be a perfect place to serve at a summer party of get together with a larger group of people. In that case you could purchase a whole watermelon, slice up enough pieces for your guests and then save the rest to snack on. I like to cut them into mini pizza like shapes and then cut them with my fork, but you can cut them however you like. This would be easy to slice into bite size pieces and serve in a salad bowl as well.

Quick and Easy Summer Snack: Watermelon & Feta Plate

This snack is sweet, salty, savory and fresh; the perfect combination for summertime, not to mention it takes seconds to toss together. You could always take out the tomatoes and add more basil, or add some sliced onion and balsamic dressing. The nice part about cooking is that you can always add or take away to make something your own. I’d like to add some fresh basil the next time around or maybe some mint just to add another flavor to the mix!

What are some of your favorite summer snacks or ways to use watermelon this time of year? Leave me a comment below with any suggestions!

xx Kelly




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