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Kelly McGrath

5 Simple Ways to Take Your Christmas Wrapping to the Next Level

12/13/2017 0 Comments

Ever wish your gift wrapping skills were as awesome as the present itself? I know I love and appreciate when someone puts in time and effort to make my gift look extra special. While most of us struggle with the art of wrapping the perfect present, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make your wrapping as memorable as the gift inside. Keep reading for 5 of my favorite tips and tricks to take your Christmas wrapping to the next level this year.

1. Pick a color scheme

My tree is decorated with gold, silver and black ornaments, so I like to keep my wrapping paper in line with the color scheme. Mixing and matching different scales and styles of patterns help to create interest, as seen in this example here. Whether you choose to use multiple colors of paper or stick to just one, picking a color scheme is the simplest way to up the ante.

2. Add greenery

This is one tip I’ve seen time and time again, but it truly is such an easy way to make your present special. In the past I have snipped evergreens or holly for my gifts because they dry out well and don’t lose their color as quickly as some other greens do. Eucalyptus is another great option, and what I will be using this year!

3. Rope, yarn and ribbon

I love to tie on my name tags or greenery with a fun and decorate piece of rope, yarn, or ribbon. In the past I have used black ribbon to polish up my gifts, and yarn for a more organic look. There are endless colors, sizes and styles to choose from and add a special touch to any present.

4. Personalized name tags

Name tags are the perfect place to have some fun or make things sentimental. One my favorite ideas is this fun printable word-search paper from somethingturquiose.com that you can customize for anyone on your list. Another favorite of mine is to print off a photo and tape it onto the front of the gift like the example below, which is like two gifts in one!

5. DIY wrapping paper

I’ve always loved the look of newspaper or craft paper and the versatility that comes with it. You can use a sharpie to draw and doodle. Splatter paint for a fun, abstract look. Or you can use stamps and sponges to print a pattern or phrase. It’s a cost effective way to add your personality to any present.

Happy Wrapping!

xx Kelly

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